Walking Robot T-Rex - Sound Controlled 3D Model Dinosaurs!



Sound Controlled Robot T-Rex Dinosaurs!

If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands... 

If you want a dinosaur to chase you!


1. Walking dinosaur robot controlled by Sound.

2. How to use: 

Clap Once: T-Rex will move forward.

Clap Twice: T-Rex will turn right.

Clap Three Times: T-Rex will turn left.

Package Info:

1) Package Size: 300*235*55mm
2) Weight: 800g
3) Assembling Time: 4 hours
4) Age: 6+
5) Safe and non-toxic
6) Contents include wood sheets, plastic parts, battery box and motor.
5) Clear English instruction of assemble steps, easy to follow.

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