What we do

As an ecommerce company, your primary focus is on growing your revenue and profit. 

Having helped and nurtured a number of 5 figure online retail companies to 7+ figures previously, we share our analytical insights via our actionable insights dashboard.

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Connect standard Shopify and Google data sources to the Playables platform, and let our AI improve your profitability via our discovery algorithms.

Growth decisions

Our system links to your data to discover what you might be missing. In the same way you measure Return on Ad Spend for internet advertising, you can easily determine if our service provides you with a positive Return on Investment by measuring your KPI.

Our History

We have been in the ecommerce field for over 15 years.

Knowing the daily challenges you face, for growth opportunities, the reduced rates you could have access to with increased volume, advancements, essential hacks and cost-savings you could make with tech plugins – all these, and more, are things we know in depth, having identified the same issues in our, and client companies.

Connecting this type of information straight from your site into our platform allows us to interpret your data in ways that benefit you – allowing you to make better decisions more easily – freeing up your time to focus on the areas that are core to your business.

You get to concentrate on business profitability, not on mind numbing admin. Let us streamline that side of things for you and allow your team to more easily monitor the pulse of your company.



The year is going well! We have helped two companies grow their profitability and revenue by over 20% in 3 months, and have helped another small company correct their costly quality control and logistics issues from the previous year.


Drop us a line if you would like to chat. Tell us who you are, your online story, and what you’d like assistance with. We do have a small list of customers we are in the process of on-boarding already – but we’d be happy to chat.