Gear Driven Working Laser Cut Safe - Build it Yourself



Build your own 3D Model Wooden Safe!

No knife or glue needed!

To learn to crack a safe - you should first know how to build one! 

This is the perfect fully working starter model kit for lock pickers, inquisitive STEM learners and 3D puzzlers with grandiose plans! 

Just unbox your package, fan out the sheets of laser-cut wood, arrange all the different sheets with parts on a flat surface, follow the illustrated instructions, and piece together your own safe with a fully working personal lock combination - complete with combination dial.

The process requires a tiny bit of care and patience - but this is one of the most rewarding maker builds we have completed recently! 


Every model kit comes safely protected and flat-packed, and comes with detailed instructions in paper form, and you can certainly also find video instructions online if you get stuck.


Complete it by yourself, or with your friends and family!

Store your most precious items in the safe (treasure, candy, your other locks), and then promptly forget your combination!

Follow the concise steps in our instructions to master the sequence of knob twists and pay careful attention to tumbler movements in order to open the lock. 

Brief Rules to master your safe (full instructions found within the package):

First you should renew the lock code: twist the safe knob counterclockwise (left) to one-two turns. You can now dial the code:

1 - Turn the knob counterclockwise (left), choose from 1 to 9. Stay on it.

2 - Now turn the knob clockwise (right) to the number zero. After passing zero continue to twist the handle to the right to the second code digits from 1 to 9. Stay on it.

3- Again turn the knob counterclockwise (left) to the third digit.

If the combination is correct, your safe clicks and opens itself on the third digit.

(Briefly rules: twist left to the first digit, then right  to the second zero digit and then left of the third digit).


To close the safe again - close the door, twist the knob counterclockwise (left) - the mechanism locks itself.

Self-assembly: No glue required 


When complete the safe is: 7.7 * 7.3 * 6.9 inches (196 * 185 * 176 mm)

Inside volume of the safe : The  W*H*D 6.1 * 5.5 * 4.1 inches (155 * 140 * 105 mm)

Package size: 14.6 * 5.5 * 1.6 inches  (37*14*4cm)

Number of parts: 179

Weight is approx 1.0 lb.


What are you waiting for? This is just the kind of challenge a lock picker like yourself craves! Level up your picking skill, and figure out how to construct a safe - how do they work anyway? 

You'll never know til you build this magnificent model for yourself. 

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literally unplayable get this kid out of my lobby full pieced full boxed 185 easy victory royale


this model's pictures at least are clearly from Ugears, so either you're reselling a product that isnt yours without even mentioning the Ugears company(which is a Ukrainian company, so you should absolutely order/buy/support them), or you're lying to us and showing us an image that is not the real product. worse even, this is a scam and we'll never receive the product.

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