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Why we think our precision 3D models will appeal to you! Lock picking is all about challenging yourself, your hands, and your brain. Practical application is a bonus. 

We love the similarities with puzzling and picking, and we often have the need to build something from scratch, but we don't always want to involve tools or mess in the process.

So we put together T-Rexes, wooden safes, moving Marble Runs and planes. No glue, no complicated tools, less mess, but still challenging, constructive and brain-power building.

We're not sure what to call these. DIY 3D puzzles? 3D Models? Whatever you think of these, we love putting them together like creative adult, grown-up legos. Take a look - even if you're only going to gift them to others, they're perfect for a thoughtful, inside hobby.

The 3D Models start like this: 

3D model puzzles Boxed LG501

Unbox and pop out the fun laser-cut pieces (here several sheets shown in one stack): 

Stack of laser pre-cut sheets

Together with other balls and parts: 

Balls and Pieces for 3D models

Separate the parts, and put them together with the provided instructions and admire the gears at work:

LG501 Instructions for Assembly of your 3D model 

And you'll end up with a working Marble Run (or plane or train, or treasure chest... the options are endless) after a few hours of fulfilling assembly - no glue required! This is an amazing hobby, and our models are so unique!

Marble Run fully Assembled

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