Cathy's Floral Greenhouse DG104 Lifestyle Dollhouse Miniature



Cathy's Floral Greenhouse is our most popular DIY miniature dollhouse ever!

It's a perfect replica of a well-designed glasshouse with a flourishing range of beautiful plants and flowers. Open the door, walk into the bright garden and breathe in the fresh lively air. It is like a dream garden house in real life. Take your time to make it slowly, then take a step back and appreciate the calm, deft work you've put in to create such a picturesque diorama. Magnificent!

  • Battery: LED Light requires two lithium button cells (not included) Model: CR2032 Diameter:20MM RT
  • Assembled Size: 195*175*175mm
  • Includes: Accessories and mini greenhouse tools, assembly instructions
  • Assembly time: About 20 hours
  • Comes with many miniatures, plants, flowers and vases, flower racks, slatted crates, wooden cabinet, paper boxes, photo frame, spade, broom, painting and rack etc.

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