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Puzzles help improve your kids brains

Puzzles and Brains, STEM toys and great educational jigsaws are our primary goal here at Playables!

How Puzzles Help Your Child’s Development

Puzzles are a popular and challenging activity for children and adults - for anyone of any age in fact. Puzzles and 3D Jigsaws that create playful models allow the chance to work toward a goal and piece together a story. With fun shapes and an accurately judged difficultly-level, our 3D laser-cut puzzles are a favorite among adults, but they also offer a myriad of developmental benefits so children can learn new skills while they join in a play-along.

Cognitive Development
Cognitive learning is characterized by comprehension, organizing ideas and applying knowledge through choice and evaluation. When children play with puzzles, they learn the power of choice and strategy as they begin to recognize and thoughtfully understand how pieces fit together to fit the larger picture. Children’s puzzles display themes in our chosen categories such as dinosaurs, animals, vehicles, shops, homes, numbers or letters. Playing with these models and piecing together the puzzles helps them to better understand how themes work and fit together.

Improving Manual Dexterity
Piecing together, then playing with puzzles requires a grasp of all the shapes and in all sizes and lets them manipulate each part to fit exactly into a cutout shape or slot. This process involves sorting and the testing of various shapes until the right one is found. Through this task comes the development of finer muscle movements and dexterity in their hands and fingers.

Hand-Eye Coordination
While developing fine motor skills, playing with puzzles requires everyone to learn to make their eyes and hands work together. When using the process of “guess and check” to find the piece that fits, a child and an adult's eyes, brain and hands are working to identify the piece, grasp it, and work with it to make it fit and choose a new piece if that one isn’t right.

When working to complete a puzzle, we rely on our ability to remember which shapes work together to complete the overall picture - possibly according to instructions that are provided. If a piece doesn’t fit, the child will set it aside, but will still need to remember its shape and color in relation to the rest of the puzzle.

3D Puzzles add a dimension of fun to the narrative, and are a fun and educational way to challenge the maker to think strategically while learning life skills. The forming of the structure makes it more fun than a flat jigsaw, but these can take extra work. In the end, the final result is undeniably satisfying and hours of fun along the way to the destination.

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