Marble Run Tower Explorer 3D Build it Model with cranks and gears

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Marble Run 3D Model Tower Parkour - The Tower 

A great deal of expert engineering has gone into this Puzzle Marble Tower Parkour model. This combines the beauty of science and marble machinery.

Build this unique set from the laser cut pieces, crank the handle and watch your marbles run crazily up and down the slopes and twisting turns of the fiendishly fun marble tower!

  • FUNNEL RAIL: Marble Run is a handcrafted marble set with a funnelling rail guide. Build it yourself from 233 pieces and 10 marbles.
  • GEARED GADGETS: A wheel lift, an elevating stair stepper, a spiral funnel, 2 straight rails, 3 curved rails, a flip-flop switch funnel marbles into 2 paths.
  • STEM CONCEPTS: Learn the principles of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics(STEM). Perfect for teaching and a healthy dose of fun!
  • HOBBY & GIFT: Precise laser cut pieces ensure you have an easy building experience. Makes a fantastic gift for family and friends.

  • Assembled Size: 252*230*165mm
  • Package Size: 317*233*46mm
  • Laser Cut Wooden Pieces: 233 pieces
  • A Fantastic Educational Fun Toy for all ages, young and old

3D Model Marble Run Tower Parkour

Marble Craziness - Build this 3D Precision Laser Cut model yourself!



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